Friday, 27 September 2013

Setting up Veridia

I followed the guide here. It was pretty simple. Big thanks to DarbyDoo for writing it! (And of course to Soliloquy and Liam for creating Veridia.) I couldn't watch the video on CA linking, so I just had to guess. Smooth sailing after that, until it came time to take the screenshot. I'm not even going to start on that.

Veridia completely set up! Click the image to view a larger version. Or, if you really want to waste your bandwidth, view the full-sized version:

As much work as it requires, it really is a beautiful metaroom. Worth it if you have the time.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Raising CreatureLink Norns: Part 1

CreatureLink is a service where you can download Norns and upload their descendants, building a sort of family tree in the process. This post is about two CreatureLink Norns I downloaded.

When I first imported Derris and Raphia, They were inseparable. All they did was stand there and kiss. Actually I tell a lie, some times they hit each other too, but it was mostly kissing.

After a while Derris moved away from the incubator and Raphia. However, he quickly found a new obsession, this weird toy. You might say Derris has an obsessive personality, but the same is true for all creatures, isn't it?

Speaking of obsessives, this Grendel hatched just before this photo was taken. After eating a piece of cheese, he pressed the lift call button, and was instantly hooked. (I'm going to call him Ung from now on, since I don't have any Grendel Selection COBs and can't give him a proper name.)

Ung played with the lift for a considerable amount of time, visiting and revisiting all the levels it offered. He fell asleep, but as soon as he woke up, it was back to riding. In desperation, I offered him hooch as a distraction. He drank all of the hooch, then resumed riding up and down with the empty cup his hand.

As children, Raphia and Derris rediscovered one another on the island. Another kissfest ensued. But they were not alone...

Ung tried to join in, but I don't have the Grendel Firendly COB installed, so he kept hitting the poor Norns! He also seemed to have acquired a bizarre lift phobia because he kept going up to one of the lifts, making the pushing pose in front of it but never actually pushing it. This didn't last too long however and Ung was soon playing with the lift.

Raphia and Derris's life forces had each dropped to 30%. There wasn't any food on the island so I injeted coconuts and some bits of cheese from the health kit. Raphia ate a bunch of cheese (and Ung helped himself to a slice) but Derris proved more prone to distraction ad has still yet to eat anything. His life force hovers at around 30%.

To be continued...

Monday, 16 September 2013

About this blog

I created this blog so that I would have somewhere to write about the Creatures series of games. I used to play these a long time ago. Having searched for them recently I noticed a community of blogs has appeared so I thought, why not start playing again join in. Most of the posts will be about Creatures 2, my favorite game in the series, hence the name.

If you somehow found this page without knowing what Creatures is, here's a link to the Wikipedia article: